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Football Jelly Mould,

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Here at Jelly Vision we are all very excited that this summer it's that time again! The World Cup! You never know maybe this year will be a repeat of 1966 and see us crowned champions of the world... or perhaps not. Whatever the results we are waving our England flag cheering the team on! What better way to enjoy the tournament than to have a world cup party and watch the games with all your friends?

This England Jelly Mould is a perfect addition to any World Cup party, so when you are sat in your England shirt with your England flag you can be tucking into some England Jelly. How marvellous old chap!

So why not make your party stand out from the crowd with this England Jelly Mould! Maybe the England team could do with a bowlful before the game. If Carlsberg made jelly moulds???

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