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Halloween Bat

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All bats can see, however bats have developed the use of echolocation to find food when navigating and hunting for food at night. Bats make high-frequency sounds, and the echoes of these sounds bounce back which enables a bat to make a mental map. Using this mental map they are able to avoid the smallest of obstacles whilst locating their prey. In just a split second Echolocation enables bats to determine the size of objects, their location, how fast they are travelling and even their texture! 900ml/1½ pint jelly, or rather more a few nice strawberries or red or white currants, or raspberries, or any fresh fruit that may be in season Preparation method 1.Have ready the above proportion of jelly, which must be very clear and rather sweet, the raw fruit requiring an additional quantity of sugar. 2.Select ripe, nice-looking fruit; pick off the stalks unless currants are used, when they are laid in the jelly at the bottom of the mould, remembering that it will be reversed when turned out. 3.Then pour in some more jelly to make the fruit adhere, and, when that layer is set, put another row of fruit and jelly until the mould is full. 4.If convenient, put it in ice until until required for table, then wring a cloth in boiling water, wrap it round the mould for a minute, and turn the jelly carefully out. 5.Peaches, apricots, plums, apples etc are better for being boiled in a little clear syrup before they are laid in the jelly; strawberries, raspberries, grapes, cherries, and currants are put in raw. 6.In winter, when fresh fruits are not obtainable, a very pretty jelly can be made with preserved fruits or brandy cherries: these, in a bright and clear jelly, have a very pretty effect; of course, unless the jelly is very clear, the beauty of the dish will be spoiled. It may be garnished with the same fruit which is laid in the jelly; for instance, an open jelly with strawberries might have a few of the same fruit piled in the centre, prettily arranged, or a little whipped cream might be substituted for the fruit.

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