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We are a privately owned company based in Lancashire who specialise in the manufacture and vacuum formed components. Below is a list of our customers all of whom would be happy to give a reference as to the service we offer.


Collection 2000  (Cosmetic Trays )
Vavalis ( Cosmetic Trays)    
Colour Care   ( cosmetic Trays ) 
Asda George cosmetic
Deeset  cosmetic
Andrew Krystron


Polly Print  pharmaceutical

Nailenel (Claire’s)

Unidrug  pharmaceutical

 The products we currently offer are display units for all types of makeup but we are now looking to widen our product range into all small/medium size components.

 In the last few weeks it has become very evident that due to our skills in the design and manufacturing process we can now be very cost effective against the Chinese/Import competition. We also have the benefit of being in the same country, talking the same language which allows us the advantage of offering a more tailored service that can often drive down the cost whilst improving quality. Our list of customers shows that we understand the needs of the market and we would be more than happy to meet with your team and see what we can offer.